Hello! Welcome to my blog.

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Marawi City, Islam, Philippines
Hi. Welcome to my blog. Free to read my entries.

Huwebes, Hulyo 27, 2017

[Pose like you mean it!] ××Slay it××

Way back 2012, I was like a tree standing when I was in front of camera I mean it was like boring when I looked in to it. I was too ‘‘Jologs’’ and ‘baduy’’ because of the influence of photography I began to find ways to make a better new one.

Here I am now:

Martes, Hulyo 18, 2017

[Why do I like to read?] This is a fact about me

I was not that smart or brainy but I know one thing I can do. This thing is to read books fiction or non fiction but non fiction is I prefer the most. Maybe some others judge me because I kind of "Nagmamarunong" when in fact reading and writing are life to me. 😊

I guess life has to be that easy but NO. The only way to get out is to read and read until you loaded a lot of expressions and comfortability. 👍

I even created an account for carousell ph because I heard that they sell books in low prices. 😲😲

I adore this two ladies who are inspired me to be more a reader:

That is all I have got. 😍