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Lunes, Marso 13, 2017

[She Bet For P20] You cannot understatement someone's ability

Sunday night, March 12, 2016-- I have 100 pesos and I suddenly thought of betting 20 Pesos to my young sister in one condition. 

Guess what's the condition? haha as in LOL.

My condition was; in five minutes, she had to hold the ice (oblong in shape) and never let it out of her hand until the time is up. But she'd never refuse and me; I was laughing because I felt like she cannot do it. So, I said let see huh? hahah

While she holds it, I kept on laughing and I said just surrender, I know you can't bear it anymore. But in three minutes, she just felt like her blood on right hand stopped running but she continues instead.

She reached five minutes and I was wrong on underestimating her. HAHAHA (she got 20. lol)

That time one thing she said: ''woohoo, this is how does it feel when you are about to reach the finish line and so proud on not surrender it.'' It was actually funny that in a single of just fun turned out to be a lesson learned for us. 

I underestimate her, and she never let herself such a disappointment.

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