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Biyernes, Marso 10, 2017

[Radyo Natin FM DJs] One of the best Radio Station (96.9)

I am a consistent listener of FM Radio but sometimes not (because I'm busy minsan. haha)

This entry is supposed to be for every Dj and their segments. I started as a listener of RNFM way back 2014. 

Year 2014, I heard one of their segment every 8 PM. it calls #BoysAfterDark that time, Kuya Dennis, Iyaz and Sir Raulo. I really like their tandem. So, that's why I began to listen oftenly. Until, I always on tuned every night because of Kuya Iyaz (his voice) and Dennis (words of wisdom nya) 

Later on, I discovered that there's more on RNFM worth listen to. Then, I heard Ate Cheska for her dedication as a DJ. The way she'd delivered news, she has passion. (she's been 10 years in RNFM) Once, she read my message and replied to it. That time, I felt like she's so nice not a snub.

This one is my favorite Dj, its Ate Maja Limuyak. She's so madaldal but so sweet and the way she DJying feels like you're in a relax and joyful mood. She's one of the DJ that was always mentioning my name (though she barely recall it) it's so sweet how she said it.

Lastly, this two maldita but a talkative DJs; Ate Valeen and Kleir. They are straight to the point. Once you shared and asked for an advice, they frankly telling what is in their mind. Sometimes you just feel like they are your MASUNGIT NA ATE NA HINDI. What I really like them, are the fact that give advice on their segment na #SHAREKOLANGSTORY

Ate Cheska, Maja and kuya Iyazs' tandem to their segment called #TUGSTUGAN and #ANGDAMIMONGALAM, is my favorite to stay tune. It just I loved how the three interact to each other.

In addition, I started to like Ate Fhammy of RNFM-Marawi. She's so hyperly joyful and yet sincere. She's great also. She has a quality of being a good DJ.

I can say that they have to be recognized and give more attenion for their well interaction and reliable radio station. Yes, I am fan of M.O.R 101.9 and they are one of the recognizable RADIO STATION but this RNFM deserves it too. If they just know how good it is, I'm sure they're going to like it too.

Love, afeey!

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