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Hi. Welcome to my blog. Free to read my entries.

Biyernes, Marso 17, 2017


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2017 is my productive thoughts. Actively posting here.

Love afeey!!

[MYX Red Carpet with KissesxMarco] Party all night!

Yesterday night March 16, 2017. 11 pm in MYX PH hashtag on twitter was:

also visit me on WordPress here's the link: afeeyusm.wordpress.com

It was Kisses's first-time in the red carpet that's why she looked stunning and beautiful. She got the star. I've been looking for her transformation day by day. Her stylist: Van Mercado is one of the best for making Kisses looking gorgeous all the time.

I'm expecting more about Kisses in the future. Here are some of her photos during the red carpet at MYX PH:

Miyerkules, Marso 15, 2017

[Power Director] To Baby Kisses Delavin

...been editing for an hour in Power  Director Movie Editor software.

One of Slide Show I had have done was; actually for Kisses Delavin because I support her since day 1.

#teamkisses #kween #babygirl #livealife #beautyqueen #kissmarc #kissniel

Here's the Video:

Comment below on your reaction regarding this video.
Team Kissers and to every Kisses ou there. Support Each Other for Kisses.

Love, afeey!

[TE AMO Resto Photography Strikes]


 My favourite Part of painting's area...

the snap photo over the C.R. Lol

The center..

The Living room area..

Rapunzel view and valentines sign 

The exit..

Place with a very nice surrounding is always I prefer.

Love, afeey <3

[A girl who has been blessed] Bond is barely but act like a glue when met

we all in a situation where you can say that it is okay to be nonsense it's either a person or a things.

This girl has been with me since day 1, she's always there in time and you don't feel like you were ill. A jolly person like her is I need for her consistent smile. 

we once fight, way back 2014, because of Misunderstanding but we chose to befriend again. Her happiness is contagious. 

Last time, we are on the journey of looking for foods for lunch and she suggested TE AMO located Iligan City.

So, here are some of the photos; and as  well our poses: (insert hard laugh)


Love, Afeey!!!

[RAMEN TO RAMEN] Curly Frost to BESTEA in Marawi City

            (As a citizen of Philippines specifically in Marawi City, we’re one of the isolated places I mean lacking, not unlike U.S, they’re POST-INDUSTRIALIZATION. I know it’s out of topic but what I really wanted to say is, we’re not advance.)

              I’m talking about RAMEN in which Korea is the origin, whenever I heard this word I started to live up I mean my adrenaline goes up suddenly.

              These are the restaurant that I went to, for their Ramen, CURLY FROST AND BESTEA. They said don’t kill yourself over curiosity. So I did try them all. As I tasted the real Ramen I can judge those Ramen that has been one of the demanding in our place.


             Firstly, I've been in curly frost for many times but this time, I got too much curiosity as the owner kept on posting Ramen on her FB account in which it caught my attention. I really am into NOODLES. So, I went to Curly frost as soon as I have time. The owner is Ms Hajjar, actually, I don’t given a chance to meet up with her but I was updated on her FB account. Accordingly, (I always saw) how creative and big-time her business now as an owner and a manager of Curly Frost.  In term of curly frost’s Ramen, it was good and tasty. (it's my favourite now on their menu, swear!) That kind of Resto is on my list. Their Ramen was like a chicken soup for me and the pasta cooked well. What I really like about it; was the spices of it, and the vegetables (I'm in love with veggies anyway). Above all, it was all good and the serving and its texture were one of the best. 

The best thing about them is, they all are approachable specifically Ms Hajjar. I, once saw her on the video of my Lil sister having an interview about her business and I said "wow, she's nice huh.'' so, coincidentally, I saw her account through FB and then I recognized that it was her because of the video interview from my sister. 

I see how much she's into her business and that made me proud of. She's worth the compliment. why? because I know how successful curly frost is. Her hard work that makes her success. I'm expecting more about Curly Frost.


I got shocked in this photo. hahah

MY YOUNG SISSY who complaining because she can't eat it all.

the excitednesss on her face.


            Let’s move on to BESTEA, it was actually my first time in that branch. They’re specialty was milk tea and a Frappe. And of course, they had Ramen that’s why I went there. This time, I really got amzed on the texture and how it looks. it was like an import ramen in Korea from the dish to color it has same ways. But, I was not satisfied with the taste it's not that spicy too. it's too boring and too chill in mouth. hahah I kinda disappoint except the looks. I mean they got the Korea's style of the dish but the taste is creepy. I mean they don't get the right mixtures of the ingredients. By the way, I enjoyed the colors, and the textures.

Here are few of the actual photos:

Peppermint tea at right side

Served Ramen.




Love, afeey!!!

Martes, Marso 14, 2017

[AFTER DECADE OF FIGHT] Pun Intended ''We're Together Again'' friendship starting over again

        Way back December 2016, I had fought with my best friend (Cheque Chix) because of one mistake I have done. By that time, she was also in no mood for some personal reasons. So, we ended up broken our friendship. I said why did this happen, 2017 was about to come but then again I guess no more. That fight took 3 months almost. Something in me messed up because I felt guilty and at the same time, anger.

         But, March 14, 2017, surprisingly, there’s an unknown number who texted me asking where I was, and then I don’t have any idea who’s that. So, I pretend that I know then replied: ‘’why?’’ after a while, someone’s calling and it’s unknown again. I answered it with hesitation but when she spoke I stopped for the meantime and then recognised that my best friend was actually calling me after a decade, lol. She just said we have to talk and I’ll text you the place. When she hangs up I was so happy and jumped like a kid who just got a candy. Lol again.

        At first, I don’t barely remember the place she texted to me, so as I came to the place she’s not there and waited for a minute. As she came, she brought something coloured pink cut into 5 squares and it has a photo. When she entered the restaurant, she hurriedly hugged me and I was actually in tears but I hold it when I saw that papers with the letters ‘’S O R R Y’’ with our photos together, at that moment, I was too much in joy. I can’t believe that we’re okay.

Here are the photos we’re together again:

here the proof:

surprisingly, this girl is still amaziiing.

happy that she came back 

these are the picture on how can I define true happiness:




Love, afeey!!


Lunes, Marso 13, 2017

[She Bet For P20] You cannot understatement someone's ability

Sunday night, March 12, 2016-- I have 100 pesos and I suddenly thought of betting 20 Pesos to my young sister in one condition. 

Guess what's the condition? haha as in LOL.

My condition was; in five minutes, she had to hold the ice (oblong in shape) and never let it out of her hand until the time is up. But she'd never refuse and me; I was laughing because I felt like she cannot do it. So, I said let see huh? hahah

While she holds it, I kept on laughing and I said just surrender, I know you can't bear it anymore. But in three minutes, she just felt like her blood on right hand stopped running but she continues instead.

She reached five minutes and I was wrong on underestimating her. HAHAHA (she got 20. lol)

That time one thing she said: ''woohoo, this is how does it feel when you are about to reach the finish line and so proud on not surrender it.'' It was actually funny that in a single of just fun turned out to be a lesson learned for us. 

I underestimate her, and she never let herself such a disappointment.

[ISLAM MATTER] 12 Raka'ats on 5x a days Prayer-Sunnah Fulfillment

                As Islam taught us, we should follow the Sunnah of Rasul s.a.w for it is one of the blessing and reason to lead in to paradise. One of the Sunnah is following the Sunnah whenever he prayed. Accordingly, it has 12 Raka’ats in total (day and night). As illustrated, 2 for salatul Fajr, 6 for Dhuhr, have none for Asr, 2 for Maghrib, and 2 for Aisha.

                I was too lazy person for committing such a Sunnah but as true believers of Islam, follower of Muhammad s.a.w and a servant of Allah I shouldn’t take any negativity over it. Yeah I’d never completed those Sunnah but I did try and be more active Muslima. Typically, praying five times it takes a lot of fight over laziness and needing self-discipline. Whenever I pray, I know I sometimes not having Sunnah for its not obligatory but day by day I’m learning how Islam works through listening Radio sermon of some Aleems. By that way, I learned a lot of it.

                Now, I’m trying to discipline myself on Sunnah of Rasul s.a.w. it takes a lot of time to on it. I know I’m not perfect because I’m just a human who created by the almighty Allah. He owns all creations and power. I make mistakes and I knew that sometimes not. I’m not telling I’m perfect but I’m just sharing how does it feels to be in a situation in where everything seems to be in place but the truth is not. It calls confusion. One of the articles on FB said; ‘’snubbing that Sunnah of Rasul s.a.w may lead you to hellfire’’ that time, I suddenly stopped and reflect on myself, asked: ''Am I doing it? Praying obligatory is enough?'' I mean began to be aware. I know it from the start I was just being into self-desires. I’m learning now. In sha Allah!

                Actually, I’m afraid even at the very end of the day knowing that everything you’d done is counted. So, I should do Sunnah for Allah’s mercy and I wanted to be one of the people that can recognize by Muhammad (s.a.w) on the Day of Judgment.

                S- AVING YOU!
                H-OLD IT!





Biyernes, Marso 10, 2017

[KISSES DELAVIN] Big Winner from my heart

First time she appeared on TV for PBB Season 7. I found her so social but a snub one. I mean a spoiled brat because she's only child and from a rich family. I always got irritated with her for few days and then I like Heaven (THE EVIL GIRL IN LIFE OF KISSES) for she's sweet But I was wrong about Kisses. 

After a months ago, the world of hatred on her was turning down in to love and as a girl I did think that we have the same attitude at some point but not the way she treated her parents. And I started loathed Heaven how she treated Kisses. She's so mean and Kisses let it slide the tension but she confessed about it to Kuya. That was the time, I felt like she's so innocence and she's so naturally nice without her knowing.

Later on, the emotions got burst when everything in her surrounding were in mess because she didn't know how to handle it. Only MM had able to comfort her that's why they became best friend.

One of her moment that really hit me was, when one their task was about Parlor and one of the customers, was her father the she hardly telling a story and holding on her tears. In that way, I realized how pure she was. (I cried in a river in that episode)

Another one, was when she hurriedly went to confession and cried out because Kristine said bad words to MayMay and Yong. She said '' masama lang loob ko kasi sinabihan ni K ng hindi maganda si Yong, nasaktan po ako kasi pamilya kona sila, so ayaw ko pong may nagsasabi ng masama sa pamilya ko po'' (not as exactly) by that time, she really impressed me how good she was raised by her parents.

That moment when she hardly cried because of her feeling to Marco and she's jealous to V but she didn't let everyone knows except MM (her BFF) then, she cried how hurt it was, you can see that it's so real because we all know as we all in a process of growing. She's so honest with her feeling. She didn't even think if people judge her. 

Her pure heart that lead her to better one. I know she's been in a chaos world but still she handle it. She doesn't care at all as long as being herself is the only consistent about her.

...to be continued....

love afeey!

[Radyo Natin FM DJs] One of the best Radio Station (96.9)

I am a consistent listener of FM Radio but sometimes not (because I'm busy minsan. haha)

This entry is supposed to be for every Dj and their segments. I started as a listener of RNFM way back 2014. 

Year 2014, I heard one of their segment every 8 PM. it calls #BoysAfterDark that time, Kuya Dennis, Iyaz and Sir Raulo. I really like their tandem. So, that's why I began to listen oftenly. Until, I always on tuned every night because of Kuya Iyaz (his voice) and Dennis (words of wisdom nya) 

Later on, I discovered that there's more on RNFM worth listen to. Then, I heard Ate Cheska for her dedication as a DJ. The way she'd delivered news, she has passion. (she's been 10 years in RNFM) Once, she read my message and replied to it. That time, I felt like she's so nice not a snub.

This one is my favorite Dj, its Ate Maja Limuyak. She's so madaldal but so sweet and the way she DJying feels like you're in a relax and joyful mood. She's one of the DJ that was always mentioning my name (though she barely recall it) it's so sweet how she said it.

Lastly, this two maldita but a talkative DJs; Ate Valeen and Kleir. They are straight to the point. Once you shared and asked for an advice, they frankly telling what is in their mind. Sometimes you just feel like they are your MASUNGIT NA ATE NA HINDI. What I really like them, are the fact that give advice on their segment na #SHAREKOLANGSTORY

Ate Cheska, Maja and kuya Iyazs' tandem to their segment called #TUGSTUGAN and #ANGDAMIMONGALAM, is my favorite to stay tune. It just I loved how the three interact to each other.

In addition, I started to like Ate Fhammy of RNFM-Marawi. She's so hyperly joyful and yet sincere. She's great also. She has a quality of being a good DJ.

I can say that they have to be recognized and give more attenion for their well interaction and reliable radio station. Yes, I am fan of M.O.R 101.9 and they are one of the recognizable RADIO STATION but this RNFM deserves it too. If they just know how good it is, I'm sure they're going to like it too.

Love, afeey!

[Newly Organized Room] Since, I love creativity I just add some color to my room


The photo above was taken after I have done decorating my wall. The MATERIALS I got used, came from my old magazines (Candy Mag) and some other magazines. My wall was actually plain. So, I got an idea from a magazine and then made it to another wall. Lol

Here is the preview: 
I don't get much photo because my laptop has a problem when it comes to transferring a file. So, I just got this. :(

that photo on the (right) was inspired by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Love, Afeey!

[Blog Problems in three reason in specific]

We all, bloggers, have this problem. This post is supposedly to all out there who have been in problems about their blog.

here are few, I will give you at least three (3) problems:

Blog problem #1: When we are in a mood of posting and updating our blog, slow internet comes on your way to ruin your mood.

Blog problem #2: At the moment of your encoding on your laptop, the light out so suddenly and not able to save it. (as if)

Blog problem #3: When everything has done and ready to post it, (it was actually happened to me via Wordpress) You see the uploading contents and said it was published after an minute of responding Media error, but when you check out, it has no contents only title. 

what else could you do on #3? rewrite or not anymore? hahah be more attentive when you write for the next time. hay!! :)

- afeeyusm.wordpress.com

Huwebes, Marso 9, 2017

[FIRST POST 2017] Rough days, yet blessed


...though life is so rough when it throws something, but then life is a roller coaster because of its ups and downs. I was supposed to post for 2017 in my Blogspot but I think I'm too focus on my WordPress. haha (this photo was taken this year my first photo as well with Mom.) it was a moment to cherish, being in a rough time the only reason to stay stand is to be with your family and of course to Allah s.w.t.

...be true to yourself is the only consistent with me as a person. I had never been build up like the way other changed. All I know is I am myself but changing day by day but not too fast. Sorry to confused you! hehe :)

...BUT with the help of some friends who really cares are one of the best feelings when you are in rough time. These two people are those made me more positive in life. I had met some of my Ayiiz friends but sad to say that I ain't no copy of our photos together.

In rough time, I have been updating my Blog now, but wait, I change my theme. It's all about foods and fashions. 

Above all, I am now commiting myslef to almighty Allah the source of all knowledge. He's been with me since the I was in Mom's tummy. He's the real blessing to me even everythings turn down.

Love, Afeey!!