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Hi. Welcome to my blog. Free to read my entries.

Linggo, Disyembre 10, 2017

‘‘Me as a exteovert and discoverer’’

Maybe some people hates me for posting too much pictures but I cant help but to be a photographer in a day! so be it!!

Everytime I go out I usually took photo randomly...


Martes, Nobyembre 28, 2017

[what I bought with my Mom] ××Bonding with Mom 101××

It was November 28, 2017 I was with my Mom and we’re having a short time of bonding. I saw most of the stuff I really wanted to buy... you know LIBRE!!!! Hahhahaha and that day satisfied me in a simple ways. 

Here’s the stuff that completed my day:

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 8, 2017

[AdBlog.Com] Open Letter to Someone

This is an open letter from @afisahblogs...

Dear, to whom it concern...

*Pa effect lang* almost three years ago simula ng idelete ko ang fb account ko dahil I stay away because you cause too much pain into me. Masakit din kasi na maseen ng mga taong ini expect na tatakbuhan mo. Wala kang maipost kasi huhusgahan ka dito sa facebook. Oh! Tanga ksi ako eh when people asked me for extra help *hindi financial walang ganun* natatataranta ako na hindi ko maibigay ang tulong na iyon ksi it hurts me and breaks me inside to resist it. Pero ano ako? Para akong nahulog na sige lang kung may sasalo o wala. Hahaha ang arte ko daw. Bakit hindi mo ni appreciate yun po?? For years, I have been asking myself over again and again like ‘‘who am I really to you?’’ Pero sige lang naman pwede na din ung mga araw at oras na nailaan ko. Physically and mentally are enough. I get what I want *naba man langon* okey na un!

Sa buong buhay ko walang tao na umalalay sa akin emotionally maliban sa akin pinakamamahal na LOLA. Sapat na un para sa ngayon na naging malawak mag isip at marunong din magpatawa. Salamat sa buhay na ito! Wala akong hanggad in my existing yan ay yung maging enough lang na mafeel mo how grateful I am. Alam ko pagbabago lang naman ng tao ang constant. Naiitindihan ko un kaya kapit na kapit ko un lang tanging foundation ko po!

*Cry Emoticon* tagal na tong kimkim ng puso at isip ko pero sana balang araw malagpasan ko na ito. Ung kaya ko nang tumayong mag-isa *kawma akn bo oto* kajudge ako dn aya eh what am I going to do with this nasty world te sasabar badn. My family is everything. For 23 years of existing I had never depending my happiness to any wordly life (materials) kasi sila *friends and family sapat na* kaya ko to mga kapamilya. Supporta nyo lang kailangan ko. Kung magbago man ako sa oras na hindi ko na pala alam magsabi kayo, ipaalala niyo lang at hindi ako magagalit. I wouldn’t change any other material things from you Guys! Because at the end of the day family is family. Apya si Lee MinHo pn anan na myaka 8 years akn aah nanayawn mas gugustuhin ko kayo!

I am not the doctor, Attorney or a famous one in your eyes. Basta ako habangbuhay akong nagpapasalamat for everything!


A F I S A H & Blogs

Lunes, Oktubre 23, 2017

[‘‘What it takes to be an human?’’] By AfisahSD

The title is based on how people should ask themselves for humanity.

As we struggle in failure of humanity, there’s still so many to be stopped like for an example: Killing for killing. Oftentimes, accident is not an intended action of a person. It is happen unexpectedly.

If a person accidentally killed or not it is not us who can judge that killer by killing him too but it is for Allah to do what punishment might he get in hereafter. I understand how painful and paranoid it is. But you cannot make another mistake to get that pain out of yours, it just going to multiply the sorrow and anger inside of you. You can’t be satisfy! Not ever!

Humanity is lost when human act fearlessly! They do what is out of control. They let themselves eat by the Demons! It is so frustrated that most of us choose to be fierce because of what they believe but not of the law and order of religion (Islam) for them, nothing in this world can stop them as long as they can fulfill their desires!

This is too much but that is enough as well. For a selfish, nothing in this world that can be destroy!!!!

‘‘To be a completely human, follow what is right and stop negativity. I know it is so hard but for Allah’s sake everything is in order. Stand as one. Accept mistakes and accident. Embrace love within your heart. If you hate then make it simple. Love even if it is so hard.’’


Huwebes, Hulyo 27, 2017

[Pose like you mean it!] ××Slay it××

Way back 2012, I was like a tree standing when I was in front of camera I mean it was like boring when I looked in to it. I was too ‘‘Jologs’’ and ‘baduy’’ because of the influence of photography I began to find ways to make a better new one.

Here I am now:

Martes, Hulyo 18, 2017

[Why do I like to read?] This is a fact about me

I was not that smart or brainy but I know one thing I can do. This thing is to read books fiction or non fiction but non fiction is I prefer the most. Maybe some others judge me because I kind of "Nagmamarunong" when in fact reading and writing are life to me. 😊

I guess life has to be that easy but NO. The only way to get out is to read and read until you loaded a lot of expressions and comfortability. 👍

I even created an account for carousell ph because I heard that they sell books in low prices. 😲😲

I adore this two ladies who are inspired me to be more a reader:

That is all I have got. 😍


Biyernes, Marso 17, 2017


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2017 is my productive thoughts. Actively posting here.

Love afeey!!

[MYX Red Carpet with KissesxMarco] Party all night!

Yesterday night March 16, 2017. 11 pm in MYX PH hashtag on twitter was:

also visit me on WordPress here's the link: afeeyusm.wordpress.com

It was Kisses's first-time in the red carpet that's why she looked stunning and beautiful. She got the star. I've been looking for her transformation day by day. Her stylist: Van Mercado is one of the best for making Kisses looking gorgeous all the time.

I'm expecting more about Kisses in the future. Here are some of her photos during the red carpet at MYX PH:

Miyerkules, Marso 15, 2017

[Power Director] To Baby Kisses Delavin

...been editing for an hour in Power  Director Movie Editor software.

One of Slide Show I had have done was; actually for Kisses Delavin because I support her since day 1.

#teamkisses #kween #babygirl #livealife #beautyqueen #kissmarc #kissniel

Here's the Video:

Comment below on your reaction regarding this video.
Team Kissers and to every Kisses ou there. Support Each Other for Kisses.

Love, afeey!

[TE AMO Resto Photography Strikes]


 My favourite Part of painting's area...

the snap photo over the C.R. Lol

The center..

The Living room area..

Rapunzel view and valentines sign 

The exit..

Place with a very nice surrounding is always I prefer.

Love, afeey <3

[A girl who has been blessed] Bond is barely but act like a glue when met

we all in a situation where you can say that it is okay to be nonsense it's either a person or a things.

This girl has been with me since day 1, she's always there in time and you don't feel like you were ill. A jolly person like her is I need for her consistent smile. 

we once fight, way back 2014, because of Misunderstanding but we chose to befriend again. Her happiness is contagious. 

Last time, we are on the journey of looking for foods for lunch and she suggested TE AMO located Iligan City.

So, here are some of the photos; and as  well our poses: (insert hard laugh)


Love, Afeey!!!

[RAMEN TO RAMEN] Curly Frost to BESTEA in Marawi City

            (As a citizen of Philippines specifically in Marawi City, we’re one of the isolated places I mean lacking, not unlike U.S, they’re POST-INDUSTRIALIZATION. I know it’s out of topic but what I really wanted to say is, we’re not advance.)

              I’m talking about RAMEN in which Korea is the origin, whenever I heard this word I started to live up I mean my adrenaline goes up suddenly.

              These are the restaurant that I went to, for their Ramen, CURLY FROST AND BESTEA. They said don’t kill yourself over curiosity. So I did try them all. As I tasted the real Ramen I can judge those Ramen that has been one of the demanding in our place.


             Firstly, I've been in curly frost for many times but this time, I got too much curiosity as the owner kept on posting Ramen on her FB account in which it caught my attention. I really am into NOODLES. So, I went to Curly frost as soon as I have time. The owner is Ms Hajjar, actually, I don’t given a chance to meet up with her but I was updated on her FB account. Accordingly, (I always saw) how creative and big-time her business now as an owner and a manager of Curly Frost.  In term of curly frost’s Ramen, it was good and tasty. (it's my favourite now on their menu, swear!) That kind of Resto is on my list. Their Ramen was like a chicken soup for me and the pasta cooked well. What I really like about it; was the spices of it, and the vegetables (I'm in love with veggies anyway). Above all, it was all good and the serving and its texture were one of the best. 

The best thing about them is, they all are approachable specifically Ms Hajjar. I, once saw her on the video of my Lil sister having an interview about her business and I said "wow, she's nice huh.'' so, coincidentally, I saw her account through FB and then I recognized that it was her because of the video interview from my sister. 

I see how much she's into her business and that made me proud of. She's worth the compliment. why? because I know how successful curly frost is. Her hard work that makes her success. I'm expecting more about Curly Frost.


I got shocked in this photo. hahah

MY YOUNG SISSY who complaining because she can't eat it all.

the excitednesss on her face.


            Let’s move on to BESTEA, it was actually my first time in that branch. They’re specialty was milk tea and a Frappe. And of course, they had Ramen that’s why I went there. This time, I really got amzed on the texture and how it looks. it was like an import ramen in Korea from the dish to color it has same ways. But, I was not satisfied with the taste it's not that spicy too. it's too boring and too chill in mouth. hahah I kinda disappoint except the looks. I mean they got the Korea's style of the dish but the taste is creepy. I mean they don't get the right mixtures of the ingredients. By the way, I enjoyed the colors, and the textures.

Here are few of the actual photos:

Peppermint tea at right side

Served Ramen.




Love, afeey!!!