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Martes, Mayo 10, 2016

''Familia not Politicia over relatives''

Yesterday May 9, 2016 was a biggest nightmare to us not    because of our candidate lose but because of families' MU (Misunderstanding)

...but on the day after election May 10, 2016, my close family had been gathered to talked all the issues that made everything complicated.

There's some relatives trying to bite you behind your back just for greed and choosing this dirty politics. My family have tried to be fair but not as them.

...at the end, we have been realizing that if you want to go on a battle dont be too over confident, it might just as distractor but be more aware on what they're doing.

...and family is the best foundation that I'd never wanted to replaced over this politics.


Families not Politics.

16th President of PH is now on list.

Sabado, Mayo 7, 2016

Hi blog. It's been a while since I have posted. Yeah it was third time.. I have to stop this nonsense anyway! I have begun my non pro photography, it just a simple hobby after all the depression I have been experiencing about a months ago but here I am appreciating the earth.