Hello! Welcome to my blog.

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Hi. Welcome to my blog. Free to read my entries.

Huwebes, Hulyo 27, 2017

[Pose like you mean it!] ××Slay it××

Way back 2012, I was like a tree standing when I was in front of camera I mean it was like boring when I looked in to it. I was too ‘‘Jologs’’ and ‘baduy’’ because of the influence of photography I began to find ways to make a better new one.

Here I am now:

Martes, Hulyo 18, 2017

[Why do I like to read?] This is a fact about me

I was not that smart or brainy but I know one thing I can do. This thing is to read books fiction or non fiction but non fiction is I prefer the most. Maybe some others judge me because I kind of "Nagmamarunong" when in fact reading and writing are life to me. 😊

I guess life has to be that easy but NO. The only way to get out is to read and read until you loaded a lot of expressions and comfortability. 👍

I even created an account for carousell ph because I heard that they sell books in low prices. 😲😲

I adore this two ladies who are inspired me to be more a reader:

That is all I have got. 😍


Biyernes, Marso 17, 2017


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Hi. Welcome to my blog. Free to read my entries.
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2017 is my productive thoughts. Actively posting here.

Love afeey!!

[MYX Red Carpet with KissesxMarco] Party all night!

Yesterday night March 16, 2017. 11 pm in MYX PH hashtag on twitter was:

also visit me on WordPress here's the link: afeeyusm.wordpress.com

It was Kisses's first-time in the red carpet that's why she looked stunning and beautiful. She got the star. I've been looking for her transformation day by day. Her stylist: Van Mercado is one of the best for making Kisses looking gorgeous all the time.

I'm expecting more about Kisses in the future. Here are some of her photos during the red carpet at MYX PH:

Miyerkules, Marso 15, 2017

[Power Director] To Baby Kisses Delavin

...been editing for an hour in Power  Director Movie Editor software.

One of Slide Show I had have done was; actually for Kisses Delavin because I support her since day 1.

#teamkisses #kween #babygirl #livealife #beautyqueen #kissmarc #kissniel

Here's the Video:


Comment below on your reaction regarding this video.
Team Kissers and to every Kisses ou there. Support Each Other for Kisses.

Love, afeey!

[TE AMO Resto Photography Strikes]


 My favourite Part of painting's area...

the snap photo over the C.R. Lol

The center..

The Living room area..

Rapunzel view and valentines sign 

The exit..

Place with a very nice surrounding is always I prefer.

Love, afeey <3

[A girl who has been blessed] Bond is barely but act like a glue when met

we all in a situation where you can say that it is okay to be nonsense it's either a person or a things.

This girl has been with me since day 1, she's always there in time and you don't feel like you were ill. A jolly person like her is I need for her consistent smile. 

we once fight, way back 2014, because of Misunderstanding but we chose to befriend again. Her happiness is contagious. 

Last time, we are on the journey of looking for foods for lunch and she suggested TE AMO located Iligan City.

So, here are some of the photos; and as  well our poses: (insert hard laugh)


Love, Afeey!!!